Many suffer from the incurable disease of writing and it becomes chronic in their sick minds.


The importance of website SEO copy writing

Your website isn't worth having if nobody visits it, which they won't unless your site has good search engine ranking, particularly good Google ranking, through search engine optimisation, seo.

To achieve this there are various geeky things you can do to your web code but this is between you and your web designer.

Where I can help is with the website content, by helping you choose keywords and incorporating them in website copy which not only must read well – for you only have seven seconds to capture a visitor – but must also win you a good Google ranking.

Being a good writer involves getting words in the right order so that they flow fluently and persuasively. As a journalist I have been trained to write in this way and have published countless thousands of words of copy.

Writing for website content is a different skill, positioning words not to optimise style but Google ranking. Sadly pursuing search engine optimisation often comes at the price of poorly written website copy rendering content unappealing, eccentric, and often downright unreadable.

Don't leave your website copy to chance.

With my background as a journalist, particularly in business journalism, and corporate writing I bring the two skills together so that a customer is more likely to enter your website and, once there, they will be seduced by the website content.