Many suffer from the incurable disease of writing and it becomes chronic in their sick minds.


North East PR, media advice, public relations and press releases

Peter Jackson offers complete business writing, including media relations and PR consultancy, public relations and press release preparation

Businesses need to send messages about themselves, their products and services to customers and potential customers. This is where public relations comes in.

Not only can advertising be a costly way to get noticed but it often lacks credibility, whereas good PR and the skilful placement of favourable copy in the media carries the stamp of objective third party endorsement.
Most media relations advisers have never worked in the media and don't understand it or how it is changing.

Peter Jackson is an experienced, award-winning journalist and knows the kind of stories the media wants and how to package and place them.

He will write a press release for you that will attract the attention of news editors and which will maximise your chances of favourable publicity.

He will provide expert media advice and, if required, will work closely with you to draw up a public relations strategy for your business.

He has provided PR advice to businesses across a wide range of sectors including: law, property, manufacturing, leisure, rail, retail, education and motor.