Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia

EL Doctorow

PR, press release writing, public relations and media relations tuition

Peter Jackson is an experienced journalist who sees hundreds of press releases every week, the majority of which he cannot use because they do not contain newsworthy stories or because they are so badly written.

If you want to avoid producing or commissioning poor PR material, learn the essentials of public relations or have your staff learn how to write a press release that will meet newspaper requirements, then Peter Jackson can provide media relations tuition.

Save on consultancy fees, learn how to avoid press release pitfalls and how to identify and pitch a PR story that will gain your organisation favourable and valuable press coverage.
He can provide one-to-one or PR tuition or class room training for several key staff in half day or full day sessions.

He can also give expert media relations tuition to selected employees, training them in cultivating media contacts, press release writing, handling media enquiries and PR crisis management.