Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia

EL Doctorow

Writer for hire and ghost writer service to write book or brochure

Peter Jackson is a freelance writer for hire and offers a ghost writing service to write a book, brochure, corporate history, manual or life story.

Do you want to write your own book?

Do you want to produce a how-to manual or life story but lack the time or expertise?

Are you a business and need to produce a company history or other corporate literature?

Do you want to record the history of a family or house?

You can work with Peter Jackson as a freelance ghost writer who will do as much of the writing as you want while you still retain the rights and the book is published under your own name.

An experienced and award winning  journalist, he will work closely with you, conducting a series of interviews which he will write up chapter by chapter in your choice of style and subject to your approval and amendment at every stage. The ghost writing process can be tailored completely to your specification giving you as much input as required. You retain control and only the work is delegated.

Peter Jackson has helped produce company histories, self-help manuals and motivational books.

Contact him to discuss your requirements.