That's what careless words do. They make people love you a little less.

Arundhati Roy, the God of small things

Corporate writing, reporting and features

Corporate writing matters...

Businesses, in whatever sector, use a lot or words, but don't always get them in the right order. Being a writer is not regarded as a key skill.

But businesses need corporate writing of all kinds, including:

But, while lavishing attention on the presentation and on high quality printing and photography, all too frequently they treat the work of the writer as an afterthought.

Business people tend to be too close to their own organisations and too well-versed in the language of their sector to make what they have to say well written or understandable and interesting to the layman.

As a trained journalist and former business editor I specialise in interpreting the world of one business to other businesses or to the man and woman in the street. I can bring the skills and disciplines of business journalism to your organization.

Having worked in business in the City of London before becoming a journalist, I understand the culture and disciplines of the business world and, as a freelance writer, have the same professional approach to my dealings with business that would be expected of any other supplier.

Furthermore, before embarking on any work for a client – whether that be corporate writing, PR or providing website content - I hold thorough briefing sessions with them, to ensure my understanding of their needs and that we are in agreement on the style and content they require from their writer.